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"Where better to be than at home"

Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice has two divisions: home nursing and hospice, two very distinctly different services. Home nursing focuses on recovery and rehabilitation, living with chronic disesases that repeatedly have acute flair ups. Hospice focuses on the terminally ill who are focused on quality of life, pain control, and symptom management, with the acceptance of no cure, but living with a natural course.


Both are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and private payment. Both are completed in the home, while hospice can be provided anywhere a patient lives such as a nursing home.

Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice allows for earlier hospital discharges, and faster recovery with less chance of complication at a lower cost. We make coming home easy. Our professional staff will help make all your arragements, from equipment to medications. Let our professionals bring you home to complete your recovery.

Medicare Qualifications

• You must be under the care of a physician

• You must be home bound: which is defined as needing the help of another person or piece of equipment (walker or wheelchair) to leave home.

• You must have a medical reoccurring need for skilled service

• Your care must be intermittent